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Modern hotels and motels


Darbas anglų kalba. The history of hotels and motels, The Evolution of the Resort Hotel, Budget Motels, The Impact of Major Chains, Hotel Ratings, Room Types and Rates, Room Categories, Room Rate Codes.


Hotels provide the vast majority of the accommodation for those traveling on business, atending conferences and exibitions or perticipating in incentives trips. In the UK hotels and guset hauses between them account for two – thirds of all business tourism accomodation. Only universities ( mainly for conferences ) and friends and family provide any other significant forms of accommodation.
A hotel is an establishment of a permanent nature, of four or more bedrooms offering bed and breakfast on short – term contract and providing certain minimum standarts.The term hotel covers boarding – hauses, inns guesthauses, bed – and breakfast establishments, unclassified hotels, in adition to one, two,three, four, and five star hotels which may or may not be licensed to serve liquor. Hotels vary by location (costal.countryside, small towns, large towns, cities), demand (business or holiday), size (four bedrooms to several hundred bedrooms), standard (unclassified five star), owership (independent, franchised or group operated, for example) and atmosphere (busy/ efficient or relaxed/homely).
Few hotels in the UK could survive on their leisure clientele alone.Particulary in city locations, hotels depend on high – spending business guests to fill their rooms from Monday to Friday. Only then the weekend arrives do many hotels cut their rates for the leisure market, which special weekend deals.
A Company or an exibition or conference organiser may be able to negotiate a special corporate or conference rate with hoteliers, if they guarantee an edequate volume of guests. But providing for the business client presents a number of challenges to hotel owners.
Business guests make their own particular demands on hotels. What do hotels have to provide in order to cater succsefully for this distinctive market? ...

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