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Sustainability in tourism trends


Darbas anglų kalba. Ekoturizmas turizmo tendencijose. Introduction. Problem formulation. Methodology. Description of a new trend in modern tourism. Could ecotourism become new mass tourism? Ecotourism is not automatically sustainable - the nature shows that itself. Suggestions for ecotourism to be more sustainable. Assessment of advantages and disadvantages of ecotourism from a perspective of relevant stakeholders. Conclusion.


In this project we are going to do the research related to tourism trends, which we want to associate with very important issue, called sustainability. Firstly, it is important to understand what is the trend tourism. And what actually are the trends now? Trends… Naturally, we would first think about the clothes trends, the looks trends. However, trends are all around us. It‟s car, interior, exterior, architecture, music, art and many more! Therefore we can see that first we think about the material/tangible objects trends. Certainly, the trends are everywhere, even in our behaviour and our choices! Tourism as an industry also have various trends. Of course, they depend on the location of the tourist‟s home country. It can be a trend to mostly choosing leisure tourism, or active vacations like backpacking, hiking, skiing, biking…
Tourism industry trends can be assessed with the following parameters:
Market analysts who are researching in tourism industry trends provide a general scheme of the trends in respect of outcomes of inbound tourism, e-business in the tourism industry, development and promoting tourism in tribal areas, tourism requirements, development of strategies in the industry, tourism markets world-wide, and selling/promoting tourist destination.1 In addition, we are going to find what factors are influencing the tourists to fallow the trend of ecotourism; how does it work; and what are the advantages or even disadvantages of fallowing the trends and more. ...

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